How To Survive Online As An Affiliate Marketer

To survive online as an affiliate marketer promoting someone else’s products starts with finding the right affiliate program and product of a popular niche market. Making money as an affiliate marketer requires hard work, dedication and excellent advertising tactics. There are no codes to crack or any magic formulas to use in order to be a successful affiliate, it is all about your efforts and commitment to hard work and learning.

However, there are some great techniques which can be implemented into affiliate marketing strategies to boost website traffic and sales.


Here are some of the best affiliate marketing tactics:


  1. If you promote multiple products or services, it is a good idea to not squeeze them all onto one website. Create a website for each product or service and your visitors are likely to spend more time on your site when they found and can focus on what they were searching for. Longer visits will also help to lower your bounce rate.

If you promote a product on your website, include a product review about the product to help your visitors understand the benefits of buying your product. Also you might want to include some testimonials from previous buyers of that product, ask them for a testimonial, a photo and permission to publish their details on your site.

As an addition you should also write an article about your product and highlight the benefits. Include a link back to your site or sales page and send the article to an article directory or ezine for distribution. The headline of your article is the most important part of it. It should stand out and make the reader interested in wanting to know more. Create a bullet list of the most important points of the product so the reader can see right away the benefits, gets interested and want to know more.


  1. Sign-up with an email autoresponder service like GetResponse and create some meaningful messages which are going to be mailed to your subscribers when they leave their details. For that you will need an opt-in box which you will get through your auto-responder service. Offer a free e-book or something of value to your subscribers when they sign-up. Place the opt-in box at the top of your page, clearly visible. That will help build your email list.

By sending useful messages to your subscribers in-box over a certain period of time and remind them about your product and its benefits can help create sales. Your messages must be professional and interesting and give specific reasons on why to buy the product. Don’t make them sound like scam!

Focus only on the most important points of your product like how it can help and benefit you readers.

Make your subjects line compelling. Try to avoid words like free or other spam words as your email will only end up in your subscribers spam folder only not to be read. Try to convince your subscribers that your product is exactly what they need.


  1. To get the kind of traffic that is targeting your product, you will have to write articles about it or publish an ezine. By doing that you will get only visitors who are interested in your product and not people who visit your site and don’t find what they want and move on. You want visitors to come back.

Write one or two SEO optimized articles per week. Make them between 300-600 words long. Do that every week and you will increase traffic and improve the search engine position of your site.

If you use the tips above and implement them in your affiliate marketing strategies you could be creating a source of steady income and succeed and survive as an affiliate marketer.

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