How To Promote Products Online


Once signed-up with an affiliate program, you will have to promote the merchant’s product. Youll have to advertise the product and drive traffic to the merchant’s sales site in order to achieve sales and get paid commission. There are many ways you can promote products online and offline. For example, start with off-line promotion. Tell your family, relatives, friends and work mates about your new business. Word of mouth is great advertising.

However, the most common way of advertising is online. If you have your own website you could place a product banner ad or a text link, linking to the merchant’s sale site. Nicely blend them into your website content.

One of the most effective ways to promote products and to get your name and website known on the internet is writing articles. For example, a program review, a product review or anything related to your business or niche. Include an author box at the end of your article with your personal ID link to the merchant’s sales site and a link back to your website. Submit your article to an article directory. If the article is accepted, the directory will publish your article creating backlinks and traffic to your website and thus possible sales.

Another great way to promote products is through social sites. Sign-up with a few social sites like StumbleUpon, Twitter, Facebook, Digg and so forth. Create a business page on each social site including a link back to your website or direct to the merchant’s sales site using your ID link. If you have a blog like WordPress, you can even fully automate your advertising to social sites using OnlyWire. OnlyWire will automatically get new posts from your blog and send them to your social sites. OnlyWire is not free with prices starting from $10 for 1000 submissions per month. But it is worth the money, it does create traffic to your site. Set it up once and it does the work for you. OnlyWire is great and fully automated. Check it out here: “OnlyWire Website”.

There are also many sites online where you can place text ads linking back to your site for free. For example “USFreeAds” or traffic exchange networks like “TrafficSwarm”. Not to forget YouTube. You can make your own promotional video and post it on YouTube, a powerful way of advertising.

What you should know about Affiliate Programs?

They are used to make money online by millions of people all over the world. Not only that, they also give you the freedom of owning your own business. Always read the “Terms and Conditions” of the program you are interested in before you sign-up. Make sure that you understand and that you agree with them before signing-up.

It is also very important that you as an affiliate are comfortable with the product you are going to advertise. It should be interesting and useful and something you would buy and use yourself. Always try to see the product offer from a buyers point of view. Would he or she buy it? Would you buy it? Also check out the merchant’s website. Ask yourself if you would buy anything through this website and would you trust that company? If you think aaah most likely not, then chances are your visitors will think the same. Never try to sell a product that could offend your website visitors, or you will get yourself a bad reputation.

Facts about Affiliate Programs:

Even though, they are great ways to earn some money online with not much up-front investment required, many affiliates fail. The failure of so many affiliates is their misconception that they can make money fast and with not much effort at all. But like with any other business, hard work, learning, patience and some investment is required in order to succeed.

There are no get rich quick opportunities online. There is no such thing as getting rich quick with any business anyway. Whoever tells you otherwise is just trying to scam you into something, only to take your hard earned money.

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